Medication adherence is

With the KARE Adherence Platform, it doesn’t have to be.


Medication adherence reimagined.

Lifesaving therapies only work when they’re taken. Despite significant advancements with treatments, adherence rates have remained the same.

We partner with healthcare organizations to improve patient adherence by integrating and augmenting their programs, not displacing them.

Support your patients by integrating the KARE Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Platform to:

Optimize adherence and persistence to therapy

Passively capture daily dosing event data without recall bias

Enable programmatic personalized and timely interventions in real-time

Provide a premium, branded support offering to complement your therapy or services

When good isn’t good enough.

50% adherence isn’t something that should be celebrated. In fact, it shows just how far there still is to go in order to improve patient outcomes and unburden our healthcare system.

Today, technologies developed to help address adherence issues are complicated and not designed to enable successful long-term, consistent use by patients, families and clinicians.

KEEP supports multiple dosage forms

One platform to support all therapies, independent of dosage forms, through the KEEP device. With the KARE platform, we provide visibility into each unique setting, patient and more.

Intelligent, actionable, real-world evidence (RWE)

Seamless data capture through the KEEP device automatically logs dosing through the internal weight scale, and intelligent interventions are delivered through the device screen, text message or an alert to a care team member. This allows for interventions with the KARE Adherence Platform following late administration while putting the control in your hands.

Frictionless experience for the pharmacy and patient

Deploying the KEEP device doesn’t change pharmacy workflows. We continue with the same dispensing practices you are accustomed to. No cartons to fill, endless programming or packaging changes required. With the KARE Adherence Platform, our robust API integrations automate this for users and HCP’s alike.

Your brand matters most

Have the last mile of the product journey reflect the premium experience patients expect with a completely white labelled solution.


The KEEP Device and KARE Adherence Platform have a privacy-first design approach to go above and beyond HIPAA, PIPEDA, CCPA, and SOC 2 compliance.


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